Providing an integrated, people-centered view of customer information

NexJ’s next generation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions provide businesses with a comprehensive view of their customers, so they can sell more and provide better customer service. Integration is at the heart of NexJ’s next generation CRM solutions. NexJ solutions combine customer profile, interaction and transaction information from multiple applications and data stores into an integrated desktop, providing a unified view of the customer. Organizations can leverage this comprehensive customer knowledge to transform the way they view their customers — from a traditional transaction- or account-based view to a people-centered view.

This ability to provide an integrated, people-centered view of customer information and combine it with industry-specific CRM functionality is what makes NexJ solutions more than just standard CRM … NexJ CRM is next generation CRM.

Organizations in the financial services, insurance, and healthcare industries use NexJ CRM solutions to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their people-centered processes.  The industry-specific functionality, business intelligence, and best practices that are embedded in NexJ solutions are based on our years of domain experience designing and implementing enterprise CRM software. Whether an organization works with customers or patients, they can use NexJ’s next generation CRM solutions to be proactive and optimize the customer experience, so they can maximize customer value and drive business growth.

NexJ’s next generation CRM is delivered via two main components, the Customer Data Management Platform (CDM) and the User Experience Platform (UXP).



NexJ Customer Data Management Platform

NexJ Customer Data Management Platform is a back office software solution that manages customer data to deliver a comprehensive customer view. It integrates customer information at source without the need for replication and synchronization. NexJ CDM pulls and aggregates data from a series of systems across the enterprise and offers services to enable other software solutions to access that data.

Data auditing, monitoring, and provisioning capabilities of NexJ CDM are provided by NexJ Data Governance, a complete solution for bulk integration with external systems that requires data aggregation and data governance.

NexJ CDM uses the normalized Business Intelligence model for real-time publishing to data marts and warehouses. This data can be accessed for ad hoc queries and real-time, prescriptive and predictive data analytics to provide the right content and insight to the right user at the right time. NexJ CDM supports and leverages existing enterprise Master Data Management strategies and augments structured MDM data with rich customer interaction and profile information. Real-time, server-side synchronization of contacts, schedule items, and tasks with Microsoft Exchange ensures consistent information is available on every device.

NexJ User Experience Platform

NexJ User Experience Platform is a unifying set of technologies and services that delivers context-aware applications to agents, advisors, and customers on any channel, including desktop and mobile applications. It hosts and passes context between multiple applications and provides key platform services to applications, including search, messaging, alerts and notifications, content delivery, etc.

NexJ UXP is a lean UXP focused on people-centered applications. It supports private, public, and hybrid cloud environments, as well as native mobile device integration. It follows a modern, mobile-first responsive design approach leveraging HTML5 and CSS3.

With NexJ UXP, firms can deliver an improved and consistent customer service experience across all channels. NexJ UXP defines, arranges, aggregates, and serves web assets from a variety of systems, pulling results into a single interface. NexJ Contact portlets provide the specific information and functionality required for the job function, arranged and displayed as appropriate for the device.

NexJ UXP improves user productivity by eliminating the need to toggle between multiple applications. It fosters greater collaboration between users and customers through secure messaging, service team management, and content delivery. NexJ UXP also helps firms extend their brands to consumers through mobile and online platforms. This means that the consumer can engage as they wish, and get to the product, information, and service they desire quickly and efficiently.